So it can't update it or tell me wich file I need.

explorer calibration ID or tear tag.

2020 FORD IDS 116. HEX Calibration Verification Number - $7E9 C01817EB Calibration Verification Number - $7E8 48420E7A Calibration Verification Number - $7ED 8C27C977.


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Ford Blackwood. . scroll down to the page &select “Module Build Data (As Built).

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Specialty: Driveability. This is a two-step process: Step 1: Go to https://vpic. Please select from the list: Ford Aerostar.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) often require post-repair calibrations/aiming. As the new diagnostic tool, IDS will be required to.

don't see it in door jambs, don't see it underhood, not pulling out the pcm just to see if the thing can be.

These catchwords are model specific.

. Tech Tip #197: How to Identify Your Ford Industrial Model Year.

This search tool will allow you to identify which system (s) a particular make/model might be equipped with. This could be.

Native installation not vmware or other.

What you see should be your vehicle.


I took the name of my current calibration file name and started incrementing it by 1 letter until I found a file (BR33-14D004-AJ. Please select Country. g.

In order to be eligible for R83/07, vehicles equipped with a light duty engine must include the CAL ID as part of the “repair information. . Hopefully this will help. Senior Member. Original ecu is broken chip with sign N71564FTCHCA from Intel (causes short circuit between GND and +5V).

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Always place the new tag over the original tag to make sure you have the proper calibration data.


Ford PCM firmware (calibration update) database.